Penguin (2014)

Penguin Poster

Director: Jack Gregson
Writer: Jack Gregson
Producers: David Wright & Ben Mortimer
Starring: Lily Grouse, Dan Caren & Arthur Darvill
Director of Photography: Diana Scalfati

"Chuckle Funny and Full of Awkwardness" - Ain't It Cool News

Official Selection - Cannes 2014 Short Film Market

Penguin tells the story of Sam (Darvill), a young male living in London and looking for love. His quest is often interrupted due to the fact that he happens to be an anthropomorphic penguin.

Funded via Indiegogo.


Bushy: The Pat Johnston Story (2014)


Director: Jack Gregson
Starring: Jack Gregson & Max McCabe
Director of Photography: Max McCabe

Pat Johnston (Gregson) is a man suffering from a terrible affliction, he looks just like George W. Bush. Despite his disfigurement he makes his way through life, one day at a time.

Official Selection - American Online Film Awards 2014