Jack Facts

It's like a fact, but it comes from Jack

You may have heard through the grapevine that Jack Gregson is a man who knows a great many facts. This in itself is a fact.

To make best use of these facts, Jack has put together a weekly mailer which bestows to those who subscribe to it, an interesting (or sometimes not) fact. These subjects of the facts can range from the ways Turkeys choose to nest to which celebrities were omitted from the Spice World: The Movie. You never know what you'll get from a Jack Fact, and that's half the fun.

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Examples of Previous Jack Facts

  • Weekly Jack Fact #5 - The wonderful book Green Eggs and Ham consists of only 50 words, the reason behind this is that Seuss’ publisher bet him that he’d never be able to put together a book made up of 50 words. What a fool that publisher was.
  • Weekly Jack Fact #13 - The male Billy Goat urinates on its own head to smell attractive to the female of the species. If only it was as simple in the human world.
  • Weekly Jack Fact #15 - Over the past few weeks several people have tried to convince me that Michael B. Jordan is the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, or that he is named after the Space Jam star. Neither of these claims are true, but they aren’t far from it. Michael B. Jordan’s father is… Michael Jordan, Michael A. Jordan to be clear, a caterer. No relation to the former Chicago Bulls star.


All Jack Facts are considered to be true as far as Jack Gregson knows. If you have evidence that a Jack Fact is false, please e-mail him. He might care, he might not, but knowing is half the battle.